About Us

The main activity of Intercar Ltd is the production, repair, and maintenance of steer axles for forklifts and electric trucks with a load capacity of 1 to 16 tons. Established in 1995, the company has its own production base, facilities and machinery, tooling and technological equipment for carrying out its activities. Development of new models and designs is done with the help of modern information technology and software products. The company uses its own resources for financing and holds the patent rights to all of its products.

Intercar Ltd offers a wide range of steer axles for forklifts and electric trucks, covering the production of Balkancar AD from the beginning of its activities until today. The company designs all types of axles for lifting equipment currently produced in Bulgaria and also develops steer axles for specific cases upon customer request. Quality of the materials used and short delivery times are our top priorities. All products have a fundamentally new design and ensure trouble-free and durable operation of the steer axle.