Forklift Steering Axle 11.9.4100.00 (30 kN)

Used by
Balkancar September 6th Corp. / Rad Engineering Ltd.
Forklift model
Balkancar equivalent axle
/B/ 5014.00.00.00

Load limit 30 kN
Distance between the axes of the steering knuckles (mm) 680
Distance between the foreheads of the hubs (mm). Type A/B/C * 872/886/932
Turning angles (°) ** 58/80
Wheels joining diameter Ø 145/5 х М14 х 1,5
Chasiss joining Dunlop Ø 250 mm

*There are three width types of steering axles according to the client’s needs.
**Turning angles are constructed by the client’s needs with a maximum amount of 84 degrees.




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